PROCESS: Kindly complete and sign this subscription form and give it to an authorized representative of Coopérative SEEDS Investments either by mail or a scanned version by email together with photocopy of your ID/passport and proof of payment. In order to validate your subscription, you must telephone one of the authorized persons above to receive a document number and a validation number (overleaf) thus confirming your payment and subscription are officially registered.
    Once the Board of Directors has approved your subscription, you will receive your certificate as Associate and confirmation of the number of social parts subscribed. Should your subscription not be accepted, all your investment will be promptly returned to you.

    If you wish to propose a project or other information, kindly annex it herewith

    Associate Application Form

    I hereby request Coopérative SEEDS-INVESTMENTS to become a member by subscribing to

    of Social Parts with a nominal value of CHF 10.00 (Ten Swiss Francs) with an emission premium of thirty per cent (30%) for an emission price of CHF 13.00 (Thirteen Swiss Francs) each, thus representing a total of

    Personal details and domicile:

    Payment will be requested after membership is granted.